• Dr. Matthew Cartlidge
  • Supervisor of Planning, Office of Planning Facilities
  • Prince William County Public Schools, Virginia
The Office of Facilities Services for Prince William County Public Schools has utilized iRedistricting in its boundary planning workflow for nearly two years. One of iRedistricting's most used features in our office is reassigning small geographies to various schools. It is beneficial for us to be able to view these associated changes in projected student enrollment and demographic composition are tabulated in the provided report.

  • Audrey Guidry
  • Planning Department
  • Richland Two School District, South Carolina
iRedistrict has tremendously cut down on our preliminary redistricting process. Whereas it took hours to come up with one redistricting scenario, it now only takes minutes to get multiple scenarios. Our favorite part of the software is allowing us to change the new districts boundaries on the fly and instantly showing us updated population and demographic data.

  • Sarra Blevins
  • Mayors Office of Information Technologies
  • City of Baltimore, Maryland
iRedistrict allowed me to create multiple police patrol district scenarios in a short amount of time. The tool was easy to configure to my needs, enabling us to produce an initial set of districts very quickly. The population and demographic features meant that we could make adjustments on the fly without having to restart the program from scratch. I look forward to using this tool on future projects

  • Rudy Ruiz
  • President
  • Community Development Management Co. Inc.
This tool in the hands of a seasoned professional or novice can achieve the same results in a very short period of time frame. iRedistrict has the capability of generating so many good choices that it makes it easier to arrive at a consensus with the electorate and elected officials. It is truly amazing how many scenarios (election maps) can be generated. iRedistrict truly empowers everyday common people to participate in the democratic process of redistricting.

  • Dr. James Gimpel
  • Senior Lecture
  • University of Maryland
iRedistrict is an indispensable tool for the GIS and Redistricting class I teach at the University of Maryland, College Park, and we use it regularly in our redistricting research. This program allows you to view a large number of alternative plans quickly, prioritizing alternative redistricting goals. I highly recommend it for redistricting courses containing a lab component, and for research applications involving a large number of plan comparisons.

  • Dr. Daniel Exetr
  • Senior Lecture
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand
iRedistrict is the most user friendly automatic zone design software we have encountered during our research. Its capabilities in visual comparison, the interactive examination of different output zones, and its ability to manually preserve areas of interest are especially valuable. iRedistrict enabled us to seamlessly import it's output into our existing GIS projects. These features made it a pleasure to use.

  • Jesus Lagos
  • France Telecom
  • Spain
I use iRedistrict to create zones with equal numbers of customers for FTTH in a municipality with 3,000 polygons. It generates better results than the solution we used before.

  • Wes Cleland
  • GIS coordinator and IT Manager
  • City of Van Buren, Arkansas
It's all a matter of pushing a button once you have everything programmed correctly.


  • James McGee
  • Certified General Assessor
  • Lexington County, SC
Our Appraisers love this sketch program. It is a big upgrade from our old program. It is very flexible and easy to use. The program gives the user the choice of sketching different levels on top of another or side by side. We are able to use the reporting to print out a nice sketch with all square foot calculations listed.

  • Mike Prince
  • Project Manager
  • Richland County, SC
We easily integrated this sketching software into our new CAMA system. Our users are enthusiastic about how friendly the tool is and the ability to use it with our GIS system. It is a valuable addition to our system.

  • Lath Harris
  • CAE, SRA
  • Sumter County, SC
While looking for a sketch tool for buildings we demoed several software packages. We expected to find a server/database-based tool that doesn't use a proprietary file format. We also expected an easy integration into our CAMA system. ZillionInfo's software fits our needs best.

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